I am honored to be nominated for the California Psychological Association’s 2010 President Elect. CPA has been buffeted by the recent financial crisis.  The Association needs a seasoned leader, and I believe that my experience gives me the skills to lead in this time of crisis.

My goal for 2011 will be to help CPA meet the changing demands of the 21st Century. CPA membership has repeatedly voiced its opinion that advocacy is CPA’s number one function.  I have extensive advocacy experience as GAC Chair. Because I have served as President of CPA and SDPA, I am also extremely familiar with the problems facing CPA, its divisions, and its chapters. 

I am proposing a CPA inter-divisional summit for 2011 to evaluate opportunities and establish concrete goals which will bring in members and make CPA the go-to group for health/mental health issues. There are areas of overlap among the divisions which offer ready-made partnerships so that we can work together for the benefit of the entire Association.

I would appreciate your vote so that we bridge the gap between the status quo and what we know we have to do for our future.  I have been called the triple A candidate because of my Advocacy experience, Awareness of issues, and Administrative skill and leadership.